Congratulations to Moran Levi for the birth of his first child!


It’s a beautiful baby boy!

An organic chemist in the making 😉

Congratulation to Dr. Andrey Varenikov for obtaining his PhD


We wish you good luck on your post-doc in the university of Utah!

Congratulation to Kuldeep on his beautiful marriage


We wish you many happy years together.

Andrey Varenikov - winner of 2020 ICS excellent graduate student prize


Congrats to our senior group member, Andrey Varenikov for winning the prestigious ICS excellent graduate student prize! May he win many more well deserving prizes and awards (and fat stacks of cash).

New PhD student


We welcome our newest member from India, Deepak Ranolia, to our lab!

We wish you a very fruitful study and many publications.

Mark Gandelman is a full professor


Congratulation to Mark Gandelman for becoming a full professor!

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